IOS Apps Development

iOS Apps Development


Mobile apps can increase engagement with customers and fetch huge transformation in your business. You can achieve massive amplification in your business by investing in obtaining an industry oriented mobile app to reach thousands of millions iPhone and iPad users worldwide. Apps are highly responsive, user-friendly and smoothly navigable. Apple, having their own operating environment and much less fragments than on Android, make you comfort about how your app will display on an endless list of devices, screen sizes and resolutions. We provide top-notch iOS apps development services to our clients.

We can build an iOS app for your business to perfectly enrich your digital contribution – whether this is an internal app to help unify your own business operations and enhance efficiencies or a consumer app for your customers to use.

During the development of an iOS app, it’s important to choose an experienced iPhone or iPad app developer who will have multifaceted experience in the iOS apps development field. We develop iOS apps using programming languages Objective-C and Swift.

RL Infocomm team has all-encompassing experience working with agencies and brands from across the globe. We have expertise across the whole mobile ecosystem, which we can apply for you.

We retain up-to-date with the latest Apple promulgations so that we can inform you of new functionality available in the operating system. If you already have an iOS app that you’re not happy with, don’t worry we are here to help you develop the app as per your choice.

Latest features of iOS Apps—

  • New hidden dark option
  • Share Wi-Fi password with nearby devices
  • More customizable
  • Screen record without mac
  • One-handed keyboard
  • ARKit for augmented
  • Messages can be stored on iCloud
  • App store got huge update
  • Auto playing videos can be disabled in the app store
  • File manager app
  • Can scan QR codes in the camera app
  • Portrait mode hides the normal photo